Park Eun Bin: A Korean actress who look gorgeous in all types of roles and genres 

When it comes to versatility, Park Eun Bin is undoubtedly one of the top actresses

Throughout her career, actress Park Eun Bin has transformed into all sorts of roles and genres, and assumes many different stylings and fashions. And yet, there has never been a time where Park Eun Bin looks less than stellar. 

At first sight, Park Eun Bin makes a deep impression with her feminie looks and the brightest smile. This makes her suitable for sweet, innocent, and long-haired female leads in modern K-drama, like her role in “Do You Like Brahms?”.

However, despite having such a fitting look for these types of character, the actress never let herself be limited to just one image, and try to switch up her projects.

For example, Park Eun Bin once appeared in curly hair and blunt bangs to play an energetic university student in “Age of Youth”, who’s always brightening up the room whenever she goes.

Recently, the actress even adopted the cute and silly bowl cut hair in her latest work “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, where her youthful look and clear innocent eyes work like a charm. 

But Park Eun Bin’s various stylings extend past the modern series, for she has also donned traditionally braided hair and historical clothes in works like “Hur Jun, The Original Story”, “Secret Door”, and “The King’s Affection”. In fact, even within these series, the actress can go from lethally attractive and dangerous, regal and kingly, to classy and sweet like a young lady. 

It is clear as day that despite first impressions, Park Eun Bin is more than her sweet and bright looks, and in photoshoots, she radiates a much more mature and bold charms.  

While she has a small frame, the actress can do an 180 with the proper style of makeup, making her even suited for femme fatale or strong, leader-like female characters. 

In addition, Park Eun Bin’s expressive eyes help her easily portray an impressive range of emotions and images, and her acting skills have been carefully honed since her child actress days. She’s basically the embodiment of both beauty and talent. 

While Park Eun Bin has gone mostly underrated in the past few years, her latest project “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo” have been attaining huge successes, earning the actress her rightfully deserved attention. Hopefully, the K-drama will be a breakthrough for this highly-talented actress. 

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