2022 Emmys red carpet: Song Joong Ki, Bi Rain, Im Si Wan and Lee Sun Kyun boasted dashing looks in black, overshadowing female stars at the scenes 

Korean male top stars had a strong grip on the Emmys audience and enthusiasts. 

On the night of November 21st (US Time), the red carpet for the 50th “International Emmy Awards” quickly became a prominent subject on social media thanks to a stellar lineup of stars around the world. Korean stars, namely Song Joong Ki, Im Si Wan, Bi Rain and Lee Sun Kyun especially turned heads with their outstanding appearances. 

song joong ki emmys red carpet
Song Joong Ki graced the red carpet with a handsome, enviable charm 

Song Joong Ki stole the spotlight with a youthful and bright image for a 37-year-old actor. Bi Rain charmed the audience with a powerful and mighty appearance. The comical height difference between the singer and actor Im Si Wan even shadowed the beautiful faces in showbiz around the world.

song joong ki emmys red carpet
The actor did not seem to age a day since his first appearance in show business, despite being in his late 30s
im si wan emmys red carpet
Im Si Wan also had his share of spotlight 
im si wan emmys red carpet
His beauty did not sway under any camera, swooning over fans with a cozy feeling 
bi rain emmys red carpet
Bi Rain appeared with a confident and relaxed attitude and boasted a ‘model’ height 
bi rain emmys red carpet
Rain radiated a powerful feel that gave him an attractive edge 
im si wan bi rain emmys red carpet
Bi Rain and Im Si Wan showed a visible height difference in a side-by-side shot, both showing their distinct charm 
lee sun kyun emmys red carpet
“Parasite” star Lee Sun Kyun put on a dashing suit to attend the Emmys 
lee sun kyun emmys red carpet
He was shot to fame after the smash hit of “Parasite”
sosie bacon emmys red carpet
Sosie Bacon (the daughter of Kevin Bacon) wore an all-white suit outfit, posing beside her boyfriend Scoot McNairy 

Source: K14

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