TWICE revealed nine distinct colors of the members’ individual charms in the opening trailer for their next album “READY TO BE”

TWICE showed their different charm with the new album’s opening trailer release. 

On February 20th, TWICE released the opening trailer video for their 12th mini album “READY TO BE” on their official YouTube channel, captivating attention with the individual charms of 9 members. In the released content, TWICE was seemingly stuck in the place where time froze. Yet each member enjoyed the space to their hearts’ content without any restraint. 

Moreover, as Jihyo picked up the phone in the telephone booth and put it back in place, time resumed and the scene cut to a supposed makeup table. With clues floating about and few connections made, fans are hyped to see the actual M/V to grasp the meaning that TWICE wants to send to fans. 


TWICE’s next release will have a total of seven tracks, including the title track “SET ME FREE,” focusing on the members’ overflowing coolness and confidence. The album is set to be released on various music sites at 2 p.m. (KST) on March 10th.

Source: Dispatch

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