Yoona would jump off a helicopter if she swapped bodies with Lee Jun Ho? 

Idol and actress Lim Yoona shared her thoughts on the conclusion of the drama “King the Land” and revealed some behind-the-scenes stories. 

On August 16th, a video titled “If Cheon Sa Rang wants to join Girls’ Generation? | Ask Me Anything” was published on the YouTube channel “Yoona’s So Wonderful Day”.

Starting the video, Yoona, who is a Girls’ Generation member and leading actress of “King the Land”, mentioned that she worked really hard for the drama and decided to hold an “Ask Me Anything” segment to commemorate the conclusion of “King the Land”. 

im yoon ah

In particular, when asked about how similar she is to her character, Cheon Sa Rang, Yoona replied, “I say 200%. I think I had a lot of similarities really. Out of all the characters I’ve played, I feel like we had the most similarities”.

According to Yoona, her bucket list for a Netflix content is to be ranked No.1 on Netflix Global. As such an impressive feat has been achieved by “King the Land”, Yoona expressed her joy, saying, “I was really surprised. Our drama continued to ranked 1st in the Non-English chart, so I was very happy about that. But ranking #1 in the global market was a real delight and surprise. I guess what you say really comes true, I should be thinking positive thoughts.”

Yoona then pointed out the press conference scene in “King the Land” as her favorite. 

“One of my favorite acting scenes was the press conference scene. For the first time, to Won, Sarang expresses her heart. I think that was the first scene, so I remember that a lot. I’m fond of that scene”, she recalled. 

im yoon ah

Next, to the question “If you and Gu Won (Lee Jun Ho’s character) switched bodies for a day, what would you most like to do?””, Yoona playfully disclosed her aspiration to try parachuting. 

“(I want to) jump off a helicopter. Also, standing in front of the executives I want to give a presentation, saying the line of ‘Take over the role of the CEO starting tomorrow’”, she shared. 

Afterwards, Yoona revealed her efforts to portray the hotelier Cheo Sa Rang, who is known for her beautiful smile, by saying, “First of all, you need to relax your facial muscles, say AEIOU. Making big motions, massaging my jaw muscles, and saying ‘Hermes’. I think your eyes should smile too. To have a nice smile, look in the mirror, practice a lot, and have confidence”.

im yoon ah

According to Yoona, she also learned about posture, the sequence of serving, and received advice and reviews from real hoteliers. “I practiced Japanese, Chinese, and English a lot. Since I’ve used these languages little by little in my activities, it wasn’t too difficult”, she further revealed.

Finally, Yoona expressed gratitude for the positive reception of her efforts during the long filming period, both domestically and internationally. She mentioned that this work would remain memorable and shared her anticipation for the release of the movie “2 O’Clock Date”, as well as her ambitions to take on diverse roles and show unseen sides of herself in future projects.

Source: Daum

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