Han So-hee showed her excitement for “Soundtrack #1”: “Eun-soo is very similar to me in real life”

“There are many things of Eun-soo that resemble my original self,” said Han So-hee.

Han So-hee-Soundtrack #1

Actress Han So-hee heralded her lovely charm in Disney+ original series “Soundtrack #1” (scripted by Ahn Sae-bom, directed by Kim Hee-won) which will be released on Jan 23rd. 

Soundtrack #1” is a musical romantic drama where a man and a woman, who have been best friends for 20 years, stay in the same house for two weeks and get to know each other. Han So-hee and Park Hyung-sik star as the main characters. 

Han So-hee introduced “Soundtrack #1” as “a work that brought out the fresh feelings of unrequited love from your childhood and of me back then.” 

Han So-hee-Soundtrack #1

She said director Kim Hee-won was the reason she chose this series. She said, “Director Kim makes me believe that we could enjoy filming together,” adding, “I made a lot of good memories thanks to her cool and humorous personality.” 

Han So-hee plays the role of Lee Eun-soo, a livelihood lyricist. Eun-soo is an attractive character that is 180-degree different from what she has shown so far. 

Regarding her character, Han So-hee said, “She may seem simple, but she is straightforward and stays true to her self-emotion. I found that characteristic attractive.” 

Han So-hee-Soundtrack #1

Han said Eun-soo is the most similar character to Han So-hee‘s original characteristic. “Eun-soo has a lot of similarities with me in terms of her honest and bold personality,” she said, “However, I have had to pay attention to controlling my strength and weakness so that it wouldn’t harm my emotional line.” 

She also shared an unforgettable episode. Han So-hee said, “I remember talking with Park Hyung-sik about how we both really wanted to see the first snow. It then snowed a lot during the shoot. I remember looking at the snow for a long time.” 

Finally, Han So-hee said, “I’m nervous and happy to visit the audience in a very different character from my previous works,” adding, “She’s the character that most resembles the me which fans are already familiar with.” 

“I wonder what the viewers will think about this series. I want to show it to you as soon as possible,” Han So-hee said, asking for a lot of love for the upcoming drama.


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