Director Lee Joo-young’s 8-episode version of “Anna” will be released today (August 12th)

The director’s version of “Anna” will be released.

Coupang Play announced on the official SNS on August 12th, “The director’s eight-episode version of ‘Anna‘ will be released. See you on Coupang Play on August 12th at 8 PM.”

Coupang Play’s series “Anna”, which was first released on June 24th, tells the story of a woman who lives a completely different life starting with a small lie. Actress Suzy received favorable reviews as she challenged acting transformation by taking on the role of Anna.

Director Lee Joo-young, who was recognized for her skills through the movie “A Single Rider”, was in charge of writing and directing “Anna”. Recently, a conflict between director Lee Joo-young and Coupang Play erupted and was at the center of controversy.

Director Lee Joo-young revealed through her legal representative – law firm Siwoo, “Coupang Play unilaterally edited and released the eight-episode series ‘Anna’ with only six episodes, so it became a completely different work from ‘Anna’ which I wrote and directed.”

Director Lee Joo-young demanded, “I couldn’t agree for them to put my name on an edited version that I haven’t even seen yet, so I asked Coupang Play to take my name off the ‘director’ and ‘screenplay’ credit. I have asked Coupang Play to correct the problem through an agent, but they haven’t responded so far. If they don’t apologize and take corrective action, I’ll take every possible legal action.”

Coupang Play claimed, “It was found that the direction of the director’s edited version was significantly different from the direction initially negotiated between Coupang Play, the director and the production company. Coupang Play has delivered specific requests for modification to the director over the past few months, but the director has refused to do so.”

They added, “With an intention of showing respect to the direction of the director’s edited version, the director’s eight-episode version of ‘Anna’ will be released in August.”

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