The past of an actress who begins to receive attention 18 years after her debut when she’s already 40

Kim Shin Rok made her debut in 2004 but only gained recognition when she turned 40.

Actress Kim Shin Rok recently starred in JTBC’s new Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich”, which premiered on November 18th, and drew keen attention by presenting a new character transformation that is completely different from her previous roles.

Kim Shin-rok

Based on a web novel of the same name, “Reborn Rich” quickly became a hot topic as a work with high completeness. Telling the mysteries and conspiracies set in the turbulent time of the 1980s, the drama perfectly captures various elements at the same time, such as ‘reborn’, revenge, period adventure, and romance.

Among the cast of “Reborn Rich”, Kim Shin Rok caught the eyes of viewers with her unconventional acting transformation.

Kim Shin-rok

In this series, Kim Shin Rok portrays Jin Hwa Young, the only daughter of Sunyang Group’s Chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) and CEO of Sunyang Department Store. As the one and only daughter among many sons in the family, Jin Hwa Young can freely walk around with her confident crossed arms and show cute actions in front of Jin Yang Chul, the head of the family whom everyone is scared of. 

Kim Shin Rok left a strong impression on viewers from the first episode by showing the charismatic appearance of Jin Hwa Young, who acts sweetly and cutely in front of her father but does not hesitate to give straightforward comments.

Kim Shin-rok

Kim Shin Rok, who appeared in a natural look with her bare face without makeup in the previous work, surprised everyone with her drastic change with a more colorful and fancy image in “Reborn Rich”.

The actress perfectly digested dark smokey eye makeup and the mature look of a wife in a wealthy family to suit the background of the times in this drama. 

Kim Shin Rok, who debuted with the play “Survival Calendar” in 2004, has been active as an actress in the theater industry and has also taken charge of directing.

Kim Shin-rok

After graduating from the Department of Geography at Seoul National University, Kim Shin Rok obtained a Master of Arts in Theater and Film at the Graduate School of Hanyang University. She later earned a Bachelor of Arts in acting from the Korean Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Kim Shin Rok, who also worked as a university lecturer during her theatrical activities, said, “I promised to become a full-time actress after completing 10 years.” After 10 years as a university lecturer, she quit this job and ended up appearing in the movie “Burning”.

Afterwards, she appeared in a series of dramas such as tvN’s “The Cursed” (2020) and “Beyond Evil”.

Kim Shin Rok played the role of Park Jeong Ja, a single mother subject to the first public demonstration, in Netflix’s series “Hellbound” (2021). Her public recognition increased along with the success of the drama.

Kim Shin Rok

Director Yeon Sang Ho of “Hellbound” praised, “The person who penetrates ‘hell’ is Park Jeong Ja.”

Kim Shin Rok, who has been busy since “Hellbound” by participating in Coupang Play’s “One Ordinary Day”, Netflix’s “A Model Family” and KBS 2TV’s “If You Wish Upon Me”, is expected to have many upcoming works next year, including Disney+’s “Moving” and Netflix’s “Sweet Home Season 2”.

Although platforms and works are sending love calls, Kim Shin Rok is still insisting on the theater stage. This year, she also acted in the play “Heal the Living”.

Source: Daum

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