‘My Dearest 2’ Extension Plan Still Undecided A Week Before Drama Ends, “Actors Don’t Know Anything”

A week before “My Dearest 2” airs its final broadcast, MBC is still struggling with the plan to extend episodes

On November 8th, an MBC official cautiously stated, “No decision on ‘My Dearest’ broadcast extension has been made. The plan is still discussed internally and nothing has been confirmed”. An official who knows MBC’s internal situation well said that the relevant department had discussed the plan to extend episodes until November 6th but still couldn’t come up with a conclusion.

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Earlier on November 1st, MBC announced that they were positively considering extending the broadcast of “My Dearest”. However, a week has passed since the announcement, but it seems that they still haven’t made a decision.

At that time, MBC didn’t mention how many episodes it would extend and only said, “We will work hard to improve the completeness of important scenes in the second half of the drama”. According to insiders, MBC and the production team are discussing extending the drama episodes by 1-2. They are reportedly not planning to add more shoots or change the script. 

In this regard, the main characters revealed that they did not know anything about the broadcast extension. Namkoong Min’s agency 935 Entertainment stated, “Namkoong Min is currently filming the episodes according to the previous plan. The production team has not shared any details regarding the schedules for additional shoots”. 

Ahn Eun-jin’s agency UAA also commented, “Currently, there are no additional shoots. The actress is still filming as scheduled and has not yet received any notice about the date of the last shoot.”

“My Dearest” was originally announced to have 20 episodes and will end after 3 more episodes. If the extension is not confirmed by the end of this week, it would be impossible to extend the drama.

In fact, some viewers are worried that the development of the drama will become boring and slow due to the extension of episodes. Therefore, they are very curious about how MBC and “My Dearest” production team will organize the broadcasting schedule. 

Source: Daum

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