Netizens are touched knowing the reason Song Mino was angry with his later father 

As WINNER Song Mino suffered the passing of his father on Nov 21st, netizens brought up the reason he felt resentful towards his father in the past.

Appearing on Channel A’s “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic” earlier in March, Song Mino (real name Song Min Ho) confessed his worries and revealed that his father was ill.

He said, “My father is sick. He has a bad liver. It’s been a while since he wasn’t feeling well. I feel angry and resentful of this at the same time. His liver was already not good, but he didn’t manage his condition properly, so his disease has worsened”, drawing regrets.

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He continued, “My father used to rely on alcohol. I’m upset but also feel resentful due to some events”, expressing his complicated feelings towards his late father.

Mentioning his family, Song Mino said, “I don’t think I can rely on them. Family is very precious and it somehow plays the most important role in my life, but it doesn’t feel like a safe nest where I can rest as much as I want”.

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Song Mino’s father appeared on TV broadcast when Song Mino appeared on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 4” in 2015 to cheer and support his son. 

After having a drink with his son, Song Mino’s father said, “I’m watching the broadcasting every week”, adding “A lot of people criticize Min Ho. ‘Song Mino is the winner anyway’… Does it make sense?”, expressing his upset heart.

Song Mino also confessed, “He was a Superman-like dad when I was young. But I felt that ‘he’s just a normal human being’ after becoming an adult”.

Song Mino’s father thanked the production team and said, “It’s so nice to have a chance to talk with my son like this…”. Song Mino also revealed his true feelings, saying “My dad came to see me then (in the final). It was the song I wanted to let mom and dad listen to. If there is a chance, I want mom to come with dad to watch their son’s performance”.

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Thanks to his father’s great support, Song Mino completed the stage of “Fear” in the final of “Show Me The Money 4”. He sang the lyrics “Dad, if you’re watching me, please tell me the answer” then hugged his father, who was standing among the audience. This iconic scene touched many people.

Not long ago, Song Mino’s father was hospitalized to receive treatment. He died after fighting liver disease for a long time. 

Song Mino’s agency YG Entertainment said, “Song Mino’s father passed away on Nov 21st”, adding, “Song Minho is currently guarding the mortuary with his family, and the funeral will be held quietly with his family and friends.”

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Meanwhile, Song Mino made his name known to the public as a member of the boy group WINNER, which debuted in 2014. He is currently carrying out a wide range of activities in the entertainment industry, including music and variety shows. 

In addition, as his painting skills are also recognized, Song Mino held several exhibitions in Korea and overseas under the artist’s name “Ohnim”.

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