Did Baby Monster accidentally reveal BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo song?

A music clip appeared in Baby Monster’s video, causing many people to suspect that it is the voice of Jisoo.

Recently, YG released a video introducing Ahyeon, a member of the “little sister BLACKPINK” group Baby Monster. Interestingly, at the 3-minute mark of the clip, a song played while two Baby Monster members were practicing, causing netizens to speculate that it was Jisoo‘s solo song.

However, the song that appeared in the clip is actually the hit song “Limousine” by BE’O and Mino, not a completely new music product. Nevertheless, many people assert that the voice heard in the song is none other than Jisoo’s. BLACKPINK fans speculate that Jisoo may not only release one song but an album that includes a cover of “Limousine”. 

Jisoo Cartier

Earlier, Korean media reported that YG announced Jisoo’s solo debut. Specifically, a YG representative stated thatJisoo’s solo music video is being filmed at a highly confidential overseas location. You can look forward to it, as it is the project with the highest investment cost among all music videos ever produced by BLACKPINK.”

According to YG, Jisoo’s solo debut music video is being filmed at a highly secure overseas location and is the most heavily invested project among all of BLACKPINK’s music videos to date.

Source: k14

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