NMIXX releases first group photo: A seven-member group with dazzling visuals

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP)’s rookie girl group NMIXX unveiled their first group photo.

JYP posted the first group teaser photo for NMIXX‘s debut single “AD MARE” on its official SNS channels at 0 o’clock on Feb 8th. Previously, the members’ individual visuals were revealed through debut trailers and photos. This time, NMIXX uplifted their debut’s atmosphere by releasing the first group image.

In the image, NMIXX showed off their “strongest seven-member” size with dazzling visuals. Silky dresses, white pearls and leather point items were mixed and matched to create an elegant yet strong atmosphere. The girls’ confident poses and firm eyes staring at the camera captivated viewers’ attention. In particular, the mysterious space in the photo where NMIXX meets marine creatures’ unknown world raised curiosity about the debut concept.


NMIXX consists of 7 members: Lily, Haewon, Seolyoon, Jinni, BAE, Jiwoo and Kyujin. The group name is a combination of “N” in now, new, next, the unknown quantity n and “MIX” which symbolizes diversity. It means “the best combination that will be responsible for the new era”.

The debut track “O.O” has a shape of wide-open eyes to express the “Oh!” exclamation and tell us to get ready to be surprised when seeing something new. It is a song that showcases NMIXX‘s strong confidence. THE HUB, a global production team that worked with various K-pop artists including TWICE, ITZY, and famous producer Dr. JO, who collaborated with TWICE, IU, MAMAMOO, will join hands to introduce NMIXX‘s genre “MIXX POP” to the world and target the tastes of K-pop fans.


NMIXX will take their first step into the music industry by releasing their debut single “AD MARE” and title song “O.O” at 6 PM on Feb 22nd. The all-round group NMIXX, which has visual, vocal and even dance, is expected to create a new wave in the music industry by adding a variety of charms to their outstanding capabilities.

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