Yoon Ji Sung: “Thanks to my drunk sister, my ranking soared on ‘Produce 101 season 2′”

Singer Yoon Ji Sung shared how his ranking on “Produce 101” has risen thanks to his younger sister.

KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Gi Kwang’s Music Plaza,” which aired on Dec 6th, featured Yoon Ji Sung, who recently released his new song “December. 24,” as a guest.

DJs Lee Gi Kwang and Yoon Ji Sung proceeded to play a balance game. When asked whether he would choose between being his sister’s son or being his dog’s son, Yoon Ji Sung chose the latter. When Lee Gi Kwang asked, “I heard you and your sister are close enough to contact each other several times a day, but why do you make this choice?” Yoon Ji Sung said, “I don’t like it because I keep in touch with her a lot like that.”

yoon jisung

Lee Gi Kwang then asked, “What is the story about your sister helping when you appeared on Produce 101?” Yoon Ji Sung answered, “At that time, I couldn’t use my phone due to the nature of the survival program. However, as I received a chance to use my phone, I call my sister, who was the birthday girl on that day. I tried to make our call a touching one on purpose, but as soon as my sister answered the phone, she screamed, ‘Ji Sung! Ji Sung!’ I thought the scene would be edited out of course because of how drunk she sounded, but the scene was broadcast and my ranking soared,” he recalled.

Listeners at the Music Plaza commented, “His phone call with his sister was legendary,” “I can’t forget the moment he talked to his sister,” and “Ji Sung’s sister is so funny,” “Doesn’t the trait of overflowing energy run in their family? That scene is my laugh button.”

“Lee Gi Kwang’s Music Plaza” can be heard every day from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on KBS Cool FM 89.1 MHz, app Kong, or My K.

Source: Sports Chosun

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