In the middle of the Corona Virus epidemic, Seol Hyun criticised for eating ‘bat meat’

In 2016, Seol Hyun ate grilled bat while filming a reality show about survival.

The Corona virus outbreak is complicated in China and many other countries. On January 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global emergency. To date, there have been nearly 10,000 infections worldwide with 213 deaths. The disease is thought to have originated in a market in Wuhan (China) and bats could have been the source of the pneumonia virus.

Recently, the famous culinary critic Hwang Kyo Ik shared an article on his personal page. The article read: “When people learned that the corona virus originated from bats, a lot of people were disgusted of Chinese people eating bats. But Koreans were no different from Chinese people. We used to eat bats, of course, that’s not a normal thing for now, but Koreans used to think that bats are very good for our health. If you can realize that the habit of Chinese in 2010s is just the same to the Korean habit in the 1970s, you will see no big deal here.”

Hwang Kyo Ik also posted a picture of female idol Seol Hyun enjoying a grilled bat on the reality show Law of the Jungle in Tonga, broadcast on SBS in 2016. Immediately Seol Hyun appeared on the search. In Korea, there are mixed opinions. Earlier, a famous female vlogger on Chinese social network was also heavily criticized for eating bat soup in one of her videos.

However, netizens stood up for Seol Hyun and said that the singer did not like to eat bats but only tried it while filming a TV show. Comments read, “It’s not like Seol Hyun purposely looked for bats to eat, she was just trying it a little while filming the survival show”, “Seol Hyun only ate once in the show. Chinese people consider it as a special food,”” Seol Hyun didn’t eat it because she wanted to, she had to follow the program’s instructions “,” I think eating because you like the food is completely different from eating to survive or eating for a broadcast, “” Why did Seol Hyun get into this? Back then she was just a rookie, how could she argue with the producer? “,”Does Seol Hyun have to take responsibility for eating bats once in her life?” and so on.

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