BTS V’s reaction after his dating rumor with a conglomerate’s daughter

BTS V recently expressed his unpleasant feeling towards the recently spreading rumor.

In the early morning of Oct 15th, BTS V posted on the fan community Weverse, “It’s pathetic. I want to sing “UGH!”.

There was no specific mention, but it seems to be about how uncomfortable he is over the dating rumors of him with the daughter of Chairman Jeon Philip of Paradise group. The song “UGH!” is from BTS’s 4th full-length album “Map of the Soul: 7,” which directly criticizes anonymous rumors and comments that hurt people. In another post, V also said, “I might shoot poison needle at the back of your necks in tonight’s dream,” adding, “Be careful of your necks. Shoot shoot.”


In response, HYBE, BTS’s agency, dismissed rumors of a romantic relationship, saying, “Chairman Choi’s family and V are only acquaintances.”


Earlier, the rumor that V was dating the daughter of Chairman Jeon started to spread online. V visited an exhibition held at COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 13th, and it was claimed that there were Chairman Choi Yoon-jung, the wife of Chairman Jeon, and the daughter of chairman Jeon. In addition, different articles were also posted to encourage this dating rumor, such as that the bracelet that V usually wears is a Jeon’s brand product and that they found an account presumed to be V on Jeon’s Instagram following list.

Source: Nate

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