BTS RM “Please play my UN speech video at my funeral”

BTS RM gave a laugh with an outlandish story.

In tvN’s The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge” broadcast on the 2nd, MC Jang Hang-joon, RM (Kim Nam-jun), Kim Young-ha, Kim Sang-wook, Lee Ho and Shim Chae-kyung meet up and have a good time chatting.

The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge

On this day, they talked about ‘the person I want to be if I make a movie’.

Referring to Baek Nam-joon’s funeral, Kim Young-ha said, “People gathered at the funeral performed a performance of cutting ties to honor his bold artistic spirit”

The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge

Hearing this, RM sympathized, “When I die, please show it at my funeral,” he jokes. “Play my UN speech.” Kim Young-ha said, “It’s a very ingenious story. You’re thinking about what video to play. There will be an era like this in the future,” he said.

Source: daum

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