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Yoo Jae Suk “dissed” Yang Se Chan while bringing up his past as a singer 

Yang Se Chan’s days as a singer was recalled in “Running Man”. 

In the opening of the July 31st broadcast of SBS’s variety show “Running Man”, Yang Se Chan’s past as a singer was revealed.

In the past, Yang Se Chan released the song “I just need you” with Lee Yong Jin and Lee Jin Ho under the group’s name of “Woong Yi Ne”. Yang Se Chan saw himself rapping and said, “I can’t watch this. What am I gonna do with that hair? My face was burning.”

Jeon So Min burst into laughter and said, “When Se Chan puts the mic on, he looks cool, but when he puts the mic down, it’s just Se Chan.” Yoo Jae Suk said, “The three of them were at the peak of their popularity back then, so they were going around acting the worst. It was when they behaved excessively as comedian idols.” Yang Se Chan also admitted, saying, “That’s true. It was when we were arrogant.”

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