This actor said he can’t memorize scripts well because he’s not smart 

A famous actor said he became proficient at coming up with ad-libs and earn a lot of money, all because of his poor memory.

Lee Dong Hwi debuted in 2013 with the Yim Soon Rye film “South Bound”. Although he was already in his late 20s at the time, the actor managed to impress by flaunting excellent acting skills and appearing in more than 3-4 works a year. 

Lee Dong-hwi

Two years after his acting debut, Lee Dong Hwi tackled the role of Ryu Dong Ryong in the 2015 series “Reply 1988”. With clever and comical acting, he easily invoked laughter in viewers, even adding a bunch of ad-libs and making the drama more enjoyable with his own colors. 

In particular, iconic scenes where Ryu Dong Ryong looked for Duk Sun with his foggy glasses, cleared his throat to appear in a singing competition, and many other scenes were created through Lee Dong Hwi’s humorous ad-libs. 

Lee Dong-hwi

In other works such as “Beauty Inside” and “The Bros”, where Lee Dong Hwi worked with Kim Hee Won and Ma Dong Seok, respectively, the actor also came up with his own ideas and delivered iconic lines. 

Another example is in “Extreme Job”, where the actor screamed when he fails to sleep because the chicken restaurant is doing so well is also an ad-lib, and over time, Lee Dong Hwi started to be call “ad-lib genius” and “ad-lib god”. 

Lee Dong-hwi

However, according to the actor himself, his secret behind such genius spur-of-the-moment ideas was his poor memoration. Lee Dong Hwi even said that he was not smart, and so ad-lib was his way to avoid getting NGs while filming. 

Lee Dong-hwi

As a result, many directors even asked Lee Dong Hwi if he got ad-libs to offer whenever he filmed. “Since I have to prepare ad-libs in a short period of time, I was envious of actors who followed the script”, the actor said. However, he gained confidence after accepting that he received that ad-libs are a crucial reason why he received his range of payment. 

Lee Dong Hwi, who has been working tirelessly as an actor, recently appeared in the movie “Broker” and drama series “Glitch” and “Big Bet”. “Big Bet”, which aired on Disney Plus, became a hot topic for being Choi Min Sik’s first return to the small screen in 24 years. 

Lee Dong-hwi

Source: Daum

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