“Squid Game” actor Lee Jung-jae: From owning drama with a 64% rating and “10 million admissions” movies to sweeping global awards

Actor Lee Jung-jae is enjoying the third heyday in his acting career after the success of “Squid Game”.

Lee Jung Jae

It seems like after passing his “young star” and “top star” eras, Lee Jung-jae can now be called “National Actor”. Actor Lee Jung-jae, who was loved worldwide for his performances in the Netflix series “Squid Game” last year, has been sweeping all the trophies at the U.S awards ceremonies since the beginning of this year. By setting records as “the first Korean” everywhere, Lee Jung-jae seems to have hit the jackpot again and is enjoying the third heyday in his career. Looking at his filmography, the return of another golden era is not something new to him. The path he chose to walk on as an actor and his choices are what made Lee Jung-jae at the moment.

Lee Jung-jae made his debut in 1993 through the drama “Dinosaur Teacher” while being a model. After appearing in the 1995 drama “Sandglass”, Lee Jung-jae rose to stardom and became a top star. In this drama, he played Baek Jae-hee, the bodyguard of Yoon Hye-rin (Go Hyun-jung), making female viewers go crazy for him. “Sandglass” made a big hit as its rating exceeded 64%. In addition, Lee Jung-jae has been on a roll as an actor since then.

Lee Jung-jae

Lee Jung-jae then carried out back-to-back drama and movie activities. He was recognized for his great acting skills again after showing a new transformation through “City of the Rising Sun”, starring his best friend Jung Woo-sung. With this film, Lee Jung-jae won Best Leading Actor at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and became the actor whom both drama and Chungmuro producers wanted to invite.

Lee Jung-jae, who had been recognized as a top star for a long time, once again enjoyed his heyday thanks to the success of the movie “The Thieves”. Together with many best box office hits, Lee Jung-jae also became an actor who sold 10 million tickets with the two movies, “The Thieves” and “Assassination”. In addition, Lee Jung-jae created unique characters and famous lines with his powerful and amazing acting in “New World” and “The Face Reader”. With the “Along with the Gods” series, in which he played King Yeomra, Lee Jung-jae gained a total of 4 films that attracted more than 10 million moviegoers.

Lee Jung Jae

The reason Lee Jung-jae has been well-loved as an actor for more than 30 years is he keeps showing a new side in each work. He challenged different roles in various genres and always made the viewers remember his characters the way he created them with his own acting. Fans had never seen the pathetic appearance of Gi-hoon in “Squid Game” portrayed by the top star Lee Jung-jae before. Lee Jung-jae, who has always erased his old images and transformed into new characters, has now captivated fans not only in Korea but also around the world.

After becoming the first Korean actor to win Best Actor at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Lee Jung-jae has continuously delivered news of his award-winning achievements in the U.S His moves in conquering the world are receiving huge support from fans and the viewers. 

Lee Jung Jae
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