Without BLACKPINK, Rosé alone still “outsold” BTS and SNSD Taeyeon in China

BlackPink Rosé has proven her power as a soloist in the Chinese music market, with even higher sales than BTS!

On September 6, the Chinese music statistics site ChinaMusicData announced the list of the best-selling digital singles by Korean artists in the Chinese market in 2021. The list includes many popular Kpop representatives such as BTS, Rosé (BLACKPINK), and Taeyeon (SNSD).

Taeyeon, Rosé and BTS are excellently included in the list of best-selling digital music albums in China

Accordingly, BTS impresses netizens with 2 albums that rank second and fourth on the list compiled by ChinaMusicData. Two BTS albums released in 2021 included in this list are Butter and Butter/PTD. With Butter, BTS recorded 498,000 copies sold and took second place overall in the “race” for the best-selling digital single of Kpop idols in China. As for Butter/PTD, 216,000 is the number of copies sold to help BTS rank fourth place on the list.

BTS is the only male idol included in the list
2 versions of Butter both have high ranks in terms of sales

As the only K-pop’s 2nd generation artist on this list, the leader of SNSD – Taeyeon still proves that she is a strong opponent alongside junior idols when competing in the Chinese market. During her comeback with the single “Weekend” in July, Taeyeon not only dominated the Korean music charts but also recorded 222,000 singles sold in China.

Thanks to Weekend, Taeyeon proves the stability in her career

With 1,705,000 copies sold in China, Rosé excellently won first place with her solo debut album ‘-R-’. At the same time, ‘-R-’ is also the only single album released in 2021 by a Korean artist to surpass 1 million sales on Chinese digital music sites. With this impressive achievement, Rosé “surpassed” both BTS and Taeyeon, asserting that she was “still fine alone” when debuting as a solo artist.

‘-R-’ is the only single album to reach more than 1 million copies sold on the Chinese digital music site
The most sold singles chart in China

Before this proud achievement of her “Australian rose”, fans gave many congratulations to Rosé:

  • Participating in most of the album production process, I stood the right person and then held the album in her hand. I was happy because it was her achievement, not having to depend entirely on anyone. The first solo in her career that made so many achievements, dared to bet all on 2 English songs
  •  Antis calling her a flop now she’s a “real flop”.
  •  She is so amazing, congratulations! Looking forward to her new comeback.
  •  How much effort has been put into the solo process, she has involved in every stage of processing this album, she must feel so proud. 
  • Rose is very good. This solo debut is so successful. Totally worth her efforts. Looking forward to Rosé in the next comeback with BLACKPINK and the next solo album, although I don’t know when.
  • Rosé had a very successful solo debut with her first album
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