Winter (aespa) appeared with a new hairstyle, but netizens mentioned Lisa (BLACKPINK)

Before the comeback with aespa, Winter has had her new haircut.  Her new image quickly attracted the attention of fans. 

In addition to compliments for her beautiful visual, many netizens are excited because this hairstyle resembles Lisa (BLACKPINK).


Many viewers commented that Winter looked strange but still very cute.  The hair is neatly trimmed, dyed with a few highlights, making the overall look even more attractive.  Besides, this image is also said to be suitable to highlight the innocence but no less cool of aespa’s visual.


In response to the negative comments, fans said that the short hairstyle does not belong to only Lisa.  On the contrary, it is like the SM tradition.  Winter’s sunbae like Taeyeon (SNSD), Wendy (Red Velvet) have also received many compliments when cutting their hair short.

Sources: yan

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