A male actor who received flowers as a gift from BLACKPINK Jennie

There is a male actor who revealed that he received flowers from BLACKPINK Jennie.

He is actor Lee Jung-jae, who became a global star thanks to Netflix’s “Squid Game“. On the afternoon of March 5th, Lee Jung-jae posted a video on Instagram along with the caption saying “Thank you”. He also tagged Jennie‘s Instagram account to express his gratitude. 

Jennie and Lee Jung-jae have a special relationship. Last October, when appearing on JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers“, Jennie shared an anecdote about her real name Kim Jennie.

Jennie explained, “My mom is a fan of Lee Jung-jae. She once intended to name her child ‘Jaehee’, a character in the famous drama ‘Sandglass’, if she gave birth to a son. But a daughter was born so she named me with a similar name – ‘Jennie’.”

She added, “I got to meet him once, so I told him about this. He was so surprised that my mom is his huge fan. He was happy to hear that.”

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