The Surprising Transformation of Younghoon in Tale of the Nine Tailed, But Can He Act?

Younghoon’s surprising appearance in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 revealed in new images

Recently, Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 has generated buzz by releasing a series of images that unveil a special character in the series, played by male idol Younghoon. Previously, Younghoon, a member of the boy group The Boyz, had only made a fleeting appearance in the teaser, where he had a brief scene with the male lead, Lee Dong Wook. In the teaser, Younghoon was shown wearing a pink Hanbok outfit, with his long hair neatly tied behind his back, which evoked the “auntie” look that Lee Dong Wook had in the first part of the series. Some viewers might have anticipated that Younghoon’s appearance would be underwhelming and might even be likened to the “auntie” look, but the newly revealed images of his official look have taken many by surprise.

lee dong wook
Previously, Lee Dong Wook’s “auntie” look had faced criticism (Photo: tvN)

In the pink Hanbok outfit, Younghoon looks strikingly handsome, without any hint of the “auntie” vibe that Lee Dong Wook had previously donned. Several comments have praised Younghoon for his gender-neutral appearance in this outfit, and his natural-looking hair has won him some points, in contrast to the excessive use of hair spray that some other male actors from the Lee family have used.

Younghoon’s official look still features a pink Hanbok outfit, but he doesn’t look like an auntie (Photo: tvN)

Along with the release of the images, the Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 team has also shared some details about Younghoon’s character and his crucial encounter with Lee Yeon, the nine-tailed fox played by Lee Dong Wook. Younghoon will play Dongbang Sak, a person who has lived for 18,000 years and knows everything about the world. When Lee Rang (Kim Bum) gets severely injured, Lee Yeon takes his younger brother to meet Dongbang Sak for help. However, Dongbang Sak makes a request that prompts Lee Yeon to lose his temper and direct his sword towards the person he had hoped to seek help from.

Despite Younghoon’s appealing appearance, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding his acting skills among the audience. As a rookie with very little acting experience, Younghoon had previously played the lead role in a web series called Love Revolution and had a guest role in the TV series One the Woman. However, his acting has yet to leave a lasting impression on the viewers, who mostly remember him for his good looks. Hence, while the audience is excited about Younghoon’s comeback in the series, their expectations regarding his acting are relatively low.

Younghoon’s handsome appearance (Photo: tvN)
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