Will Lia (ITZY) be more successful if she debuted solo instead of being a member of the girl group?

Was it a mistake for JYP to let Lia debut with ITZY instead of making a solo debut?

Among 5 members of ITZY, Lia is the one most often criticized by netizens.  The female idol is said to dance worse than the other 4 members. With poor stamina, many times she cannot catch up with the rhythm, leading to the wrong choreography.  In addition, despite being the main vocal in ITZY, there are many times when Lia’s voice is criticized because ‘sometimes it’s too weak, sometimes it doesn’t match the song’.  Whenever ITZY sing live, even Yeji and Chaeryeong are praised more than Lia.

Lia (ITZY) debut solo

It seems that these criticisms have made a netizen (possibly Lia’s fan) unhappy.  Recently, this person posted a remarkable article on the Korean internet forum with the title: ‘Am I not alone when thinking like this about ITZY’s Lia, right?‘  And the opinion in this article is also surprising: Will Lia (ITZY) be more successful if she debuted solo instead of being a member of ITZY?

The post is as follows: ‘Lia should not be a Kpop idol but instead should follow the same path as Baek Yerin.  As such, she won’t be hated for poor dance and will be even more popular.  Even Lia’s everyday clothes are like Baek Yerin.  They have their own fashion sense and are loved by everyone.  Lia suits songs like ‘Price Tag’ and her voice color is also beautiful … This is Park Jin Young’s fault for letting her debut as a Kpop idol …

According to this person’s point of view, Lia is not suitable to follow the Kpop idol industry that she has to sing well as well as dance well, and has to sing in a rush and match with the trends.  Instead, this person thinks that Lia is suitable for being an indie solo singer, pursuing musical styles like the song ‘Price Tag’ she used to covered.

Moreover, the post owner compared Lia to Baek Yerin: If she can debut solo, she will promote her own color, whether in her music or her everyday lifestyle.  In the end, this person also asserted that it was the wrong decision that JYP let Lia debut with ITZY because she would become less outstanding compared to the other members.  This wastes Lia’s beautiful voice color for Kpop songs.

Lia (ITZY) debut solo
Lia (ITZY) debut solo

However, this post has received mixed comments from other Knet.  Accordingly, they pointed out that there are many reasons why Lia should only debut with a girl group.  The first is that the female idol possesses a beautiful appearance that matches the standards of being a Kpop idol.  Next is the fact that Lia is good at singing but not extremely excellent, her solo debut will be difficult to compete with other ‘digital monsters’. And in addition, Lia is also said to not have her own musical personality, so it will be difficult to conquer the public.  And only when she debuted with other members did they can “cover-up” these shortcomings of her.

Notably, many people also feel dissatisfied when the article’s owner compared Lia to Baek Yerin.  They think that she doesn’t have the vocal skills like Baek Yerin, and having the same fashion sense has nothing to do with her music career.

Below are some of Knet’s comments:

– What the OP wanted to say is that she sings well and has a great voice color like Baek Yerin ??????????  Her fans seem to go over the limit.

 – I don’t think she will shine if she’s solo.  I think when she debuted as an idol, she would take advantage of her cute side.

 – She would be wasting her face if she didn’t debut as an idol.  Lia is beautiful!

– Whatever you say, Lia has also debuted as an idol and is very suitable for this role.

 – I don’t think Lia has enough charisma or talent for solo.

 – If Lia debuted solo from the beginning, she wouldn’t be famous as now.

 – I also think about this a lot.  She should make a solo debut so she won’t be criticized for her dancing skills or waste her voice.

 – Having a beautiful voice color doesn’t mean she should go solo like Baek Yerin because she won’t be as successful as Baek Yerin.

Lia (ITZY) debut solo
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