Yoo Ah In’s old interview video re-examined “He made excessive and repeated gestures”

An interview video in the past of actor Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of using propofol and marijuana, is being re-examined.

On March 2nd, YTN’s “News Rider” re-examined an interview video of Yoo Ah In in the past.

Yoo Ah In said in an interview conducted in November 2021, “Rather than saying it’s an advantage, it’s the way I’ve been doing it, just bumping into it without fear? I didn’t hesitate to throw myself into it, which can’t be called courage or drunken courage, and it seems that people remember those aspects.

At this time, Yoo Ah In showed behaviors believed to be drug addiction symptoms, such as making somewhat excessive or repeated gestures, suddenly laughing, frowning, tilting his head…

“News Rider” host explained, “At that time, everyone thought he could be like that because he’s an actor. However, now that we look at it, there are evaluations that his expressions and gestures are a little weirder than ordinary people.


Hearing this, Seung Jae Hyun, a senior researcher at the Korea Institute of Criminology, said, “According to the police’s estimation, if (Yoo Ah In took drugs) for 2 years and conducted this interview in the meantime, there’s a form in which some gestures are repeated.

He added, “Because of those parts, I think he was already addicted at that time.

Researcher Seung emphasized, “The most important thing is that people who take drugs should be severely punished, but they should receive rehabilitation treatment so that they will never touch drugs again. However, there is a lack of rehabilitation treatment facilities in Korea. Severe punishment and rehabilitation facilities should be created together.


Recently, the National Forensic Service notified the police that cocaine and ketamine were detected as a result of testing Yoo Ah In’s hair.

There are 4 types of drugs suspected of being used by Yoo Ah In, including marijuana, propofol, cocaine and ketamine.

Source: Wikitree

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