Why is Jennie (BLACKPINK) the “ideal image” of people seeking cosmetic surgery? Even a direct intervention would not capture the main rapper’s distinct aura 

Jennie proves herself to be beautiful with charisma and talent despite going against many beauty standards. 

blackpink Jennie
Jennie receives much love from the audience. (Image: Vogue)

According to Kpophit, over the years, many cosmetic surgery patients reportedly wanted themselves to look more like Jennie. Some people even brought the female idol’s image to the clinic and asked the doctor to “restructure” them to look as much like her as possible.

blackpink Jennie
Jennie becomes the “cosmetic model” of many people. (Image: Kpophit, Vogue)
blackpink jennie elle hera
Many doctors are asked to performed direct interventions so that they can resemble her. (Image: Vogue)

Park Moon Soo, director of a famous cosmetic institute in Korea said that Jennie had a short chin and a recognizable small jaw structure give her much more junvenile image than her real age. Her slanted cat-like eyes and full lips also boasted allure to the admirers. 

Cuteness and seductiveness co-exists in Jennie, painting an unique color that can hardly be rivalled in K-pop. Many experts think that is why Jennie is often chosen to be the patients’ ideal image. In his own words, Dr. Park Moon Soo said, I think a lot of people ask for looking cute and sexy at the same time,” said Park Moon Soo.

blackpink jennie
Jennie has a well-shaped jawline, small chin and round, “dumpling” cheeks. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
blackpink jennie
However, the cat-like eyes and full lips are in stark contrast with her other “cute” characteristics. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
Blackpink Jennie Jacquemus
This combination gives Jennie a distinct charm. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Although there are many patients who want a cosmetic makeover to recreate Jennie’s overall visual and aura, professional opinions thought that it would be difficult to “imitate” the female idol’s strange allure.  More specifically, cosmetic expert Kook Hwa warned that botox injections would not be capable of completely changing one’s facial structure and jawbone. Moreover, personal aura was something not many can obtain simply with surgery. 

blackpink jennie elle hera
It is very difficult to have a face like Jennie. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
blackpink jennie
Botox injections without direct cosmetic intervention is very difficult to reshape one’s facial structure. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
blackpink jennie thumbnail
Even with direct intervention, charisma is a concept difficult to imitate. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

According to Sina, Jennie, along with Irene (Red Velvet) and Yoona (Girls’ Generation) are the three most frequently chosen female idols to be the aesthetic models of the patients over the years. Doctor Kim Jong Myung said while Jennie’s features were not always up to current standards, they were extremely harmonious together. 

Jennie’s features are not always considered “up to standard”. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)
BLACKPINK’s main rapper is the ideal model when it comes to combining cuteness and seductiveness. (Image: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

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