The disappointing rating of the Korean drama starring Kang Haneul and Fan Bing Bing, the A-list cast couldn’t even save it?

This Korean drama gained such a poor achievement that makes the audience feel sad for the whole cast.

Insider is a Korean drama that received a lot of attention before its release thanks to the presence of actress Fan Bing Bing. In episode 14, when there were only 2 episodes left, Fan Bing Bing officially appeared for about 3 minutes, taking on the role of the opposing faction, ordering her subordinates to kill the male lead Kim Yo Han (Kang Ha Neul). However, even Fan Bing Bing can’t save the drama.


Insider is a drama starring Kang Ha Neul, beautiful actress Lee Yoo Young and Heo Sung Tae. Insider was initially anticipated to be a JTBC hit thanks to its all-star cast and appealing topic. However, although the initial episodes got largely favorable reviews, the drama steadily lost viewers and became another failure of JTBC.

Kim Ha Neul plays judge Kim Yo Han, who accidentally becomes a prisoner while participating in an unexpected case.
The drama’s all-star cast

Insider’s rating barely reached 3.4 percent at its highest point after beginning with a 2.5 percent rating. The viewing rating for episode 14 currently stands at 2.6 percent, which is a depressingly low percentage. The achievement in the final two episodes might not be all that much better. Many Korean viewers gave critical feedback and expressed pity for the talented cast who had to “carry” with such a poor script.

  • The first 4 episode is really great.. made me want to watch this drama.. but after that it become really boring and the story line become messy.. the plot really confusing.. not well directed.. sorry.. really mess..
  • Such an excellent cast but such a dull drama. Fourteen episodes in and it’s so mind numbingly boring. What a waste of talent.
  • I really love this series but I can’t keep track who’s who anymore… especially since most of the scene is taken in the dark. I am confused. But acting and cinematography is S+++ really really good.
Kang Ha Neul is said to have a great performance

Source: K14

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