Which star responded leisurely to malicious fans’ excessive behaviors?…No.3 Son Heung Min, No.2 IU, No.1 is?

Netizens chose singer Kim Heechul as the No.1 star who responded leisurely to malicious fans’ excessive behaviors.

According to the online community DC Inside on May 29th, Kim Heechul ranked first in the survey “Which star responded leisurely to malicious fans’ excessive behaviors?”. The survey was conducted for a total of 7 days from May 22nd to May 28th.


Kim Heechul, who topped the list with 1,261 votes (20%) out of a total of 6,202 votes, declared a war against malicious commenters by revealing malicious comments towards him on October 25th, 2020. Kim Heechul, who collected and sued tens of thousands of cases of malicious comments with his fans, said that he will continue to catch malicious commenters with a warning that he has no intention of making favorable arrangements for them.


IU came in second with 999 votes (16%). IU, who has been suffering from as many rumors as her high profile, is receiving favorable reviews for her head-on response to continuous false information. On January 25th, she announced the progress of the complaint against malicious comments and said that she will continue to take strong action in the future.


Son Heung Min was selected in third place with 582 votes (9%). Son Heung Min, who has been embroiled in various rumors such as transfer rumors, dating rumors and rumors of discord with teammates, responded firmly without being shaken by these rumors. Son Heung Min, who was sometimes subjected to racial discrimination from malicious fans, drew attention with his calm response, contrary to concerns around him.


Besides, Jang Won Young, RM and Lee Young Ji were named.

Source: Wikitree

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