“This actress” was hit by a drunk driver during her pregnancy, shared her latest update

Actress Oh Mi Yeon belatedly shared the story of her life being at risk after being hit by a drunk driver when she was pregnant.

Oh Mi Yeon confessed on MBN’s entertainment show “Interpreting Men and Women,” which aired on Dec 7th, that she was hit by a drunk driver and had to undergo major surgery for 7 hours when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter.

Oh Mi Yeon

“I had a car accident in Winter in 1987. It was when I was filming the MBC drama “Three Families Under One Roof,” and I was hit by a drunk driver. My face, ribs, left wrist, and entire face were all injured. I felt like I was sewn back together by hundreds of threads. I had a major surgery that took 7 hours,” she confessed.

“That was when I was about four and a half months pregnant with my youngest daughter,” she said. “I saw later that even the top of my head was stitched. I thought my life was over at that time.”

Oh Mi Yeon

Her husband, Sung Kook Hyun, said, “At that time, they had to do surgery on her leg. However, the surgery required general anesthesia. If that happens, she would have to get rid of the baby in her stomach. So my wife refused the general anesthesia, said she wouldn’t do the surgery and said that she would give birth to the child,” he recalled the situation.

He continued, “The doctor said that she might not be able to use her legs again if she didn’t operate, but my wife refused,” adding, “She then received the suture operation without general anesthesia. After seeing her like that, my affection for her grew so strong.”

Oh Mi Yeon

Oh Mi Yeon debuted in 1973 as part of the 6th MBC open recruitment and made her face known by appearing in many famous dramas such as MBC “Jang Hee Bin,” “Three Families Under One Roof,” “Country Diary” and “Three Men and Three Women.”

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