We’ve never seen a Lim Yoon-ah like this before

In the drama “Big Mouse”, Yoon-ah appears with a strong image and unexpected charm

Lim Yoon-ah, a member of girl group Girls’ Generation, is catching the attention by revealing her unexpected charm. Starring in MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouse,” she put down her lovely image built from the romantic comedy genre and tried to transform herself into a feisty character.

yoona big mouth

In the 1st episode that aired on July 29th, she plays Ko Mi-ho, a nurse who is trying to save Lee Jong-seok, her lawyer husband who was mistaken as the genius criminal “Big Mouse.” She is the person who digs up the conspiracy surrounding her husband when he is imprisoned after defending a suspect in the murder case of Gucheon University Hospital. She moved to that university hospital where the murder took place and struggles to find out the truth, and he even  goes through the crisis by protesting in front of reporters to prove that “my husband is a victim.”

big mouth

As Lim Yoon-ah’s struggles were shown at a fast, efficient pace, the drama surpassed 6.2% (Nielsen Korea) ratings in the 2nd episode. On various SNS such as Twitter, “Big Mouse” and Lim Yoon-ah topped the popular keyword charts throughout the broadcast.

yoona big mouth

She is receiving a good response from overseas as well. On China’s largest review site Douban, “Big Mouse” entered #10 on the “Real-time Popular Drama” on the afternoon of July 31st. In the drama introduction section, more than 200 comments were posted, including “Lim Yoon-ah’s performance stands out to me.”

SNSD Yoona Big Mouth EXIT

Lim Yoon-ah is taking this opportunity to show her willingness to expand her acting genre. She shared, “I’m challenging the action genre for the first time,” and stressed, “I hope I can have the chance to play an active character who has a strong heart.” She will also return to the silver screen through the romance film “2 O’Clock Date”.

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