Billlie Moon Sua’s Heartfelt Letter to Late Brother Moon Bin 49 Days Since His Departure

Billlie Moon Sua Expresses Longing and Affection for Late Brother Moon Bin

Recently, group member Billlie Moon Sua conveyed her longing and heartfelt emotions for her late older brother, Moon Bin.


Moon Sua recently visited the memorial space dedicated to the late Moon Bin. She wrote a letter saying, “It’s raining today! I always miss you, but for some reason, I really want to see you, my brother today. I just want to meet you, hold you tight without saying anything, and see your bright smile.”

She continued, “I still love you so, so, so much and cherish you deeply. Take care of yourself, stay healthy, eat well, and be happy,” adding the phrase “Your one and only younger sibling, Sua.” She expressed her heartfelt longing for her brother.


Moon Bin and Moon Sua were well-known siblings in the entertainment industry, often referred to as the “Moon siblings,” receiving a lot of support and love. Moon Bin showed his proud feelings by conducting an interview and sharing childhood photos when Moon Sua made her debut stage on MBC M’s “Show! Champion,” a show he hosted. After Moon Bin left the show, Moon Sua took over as the MC.

Having lost her reliable brother, who was not only her brother but also a senior and role model in the entertainment industry, Moon Sua has temporarily suspended her activities while immersed in sadness. She has been absent from the MC position on “Show! Champion” for a month, and she expressed regret for not being able to participate in Billlie’s Japanese debut activities.

Moon Bin passed away on the 19th of last month. The memorial space set up in front of his agency will be open until June 6th, the 49th day since his passing.

Source: daum

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