WANNA ONE released the last MV before the breakup, fans just want to cry after listening

After several days of fans’ waiting, WANNA ONE officially returned to the Kpop race with the “Spring Breeze” MV, the final music product before the group disbands.

Recently, the last album before WANNA ONE disbands was officially released, attracting a lot of attention from fans. It is known that WANNA ONE’s last album is called “1¹¹ = 1 (POWER OF DESTINY)” with two concepts: elegance and gentlemen. This will be a colorful and explosive music product, leaving many impressions in the hearts of the WANNABLE community.

The main factor in “1¹¹ = 1 (POWER OF DESTINY)” is “Sping Breeze”. The appearance of 11 WANNA ONE boys in the MV makes it hard for fans to take their eyes off. With their top beauty and professionalism, WANNA ONE has impressed the viewers a lot.

Possessing a catchy tone and attractive images to viewers, “Sping Breeze” will definitely make fans enthusiastic. The group will have only 1 month left to promote their latest album before the disbandment in December.

All 11 members devoted themselves to the last album and “Sping Breeze” MV, so hopefully, WANNABLE will definitely devote all their energy to supporting the group’s music. Hopefully, “Sping Breeze” will be a great hit, closing the successful journey of WANNA ONE. What do you think about “Sping Breeze”?

Sources: Yan, Youtube

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