VIXX Ravi claims he doesn’t know Red Velvet after releasing a song that insults women

Ravi’s lyrics and actions made many Red Velvet fans extremely angry.  Many even attack the male idol with harsh comments.

Recently, VIXX Ravi released the song named Red Velvet, feat Jamie. The song quickly gained attention when its name coincided with the name of SM’s famous girl group, Red Velvet. Moreover, in the lyrics, Ravi mentions the names of some Red Velvet’s songs such as Dumb Dumb and Russian Roulette. In addition, the male singer mentioned Sooyoung (the same as Joy’s real name) and Yeri in the lyrics.
A part of the song’s lyrics

So some fans asked Ravi if he mentioned 5 SM girls. Responding to fans’ questions, Ravi said: “No, I don’t know them”. However, some fans pointed out that Ravi had collaborated with Yeri before and participated in the same reality show as Joy.  Right after that, the male idol unfollowed Red Velvet’s maknae on Instagram.

Ravi once collaborated with Red Velvet Yeri
Ravi once joined the same variety show with Red Velvet Joy

Fans are even more outraged when the lyrics contain sexually explicit content.  Many fans believe that the male idol deliberately mentioned the SM girl group, but because he was afraid of being criticized, so he said that he did not know them. 

However, Ravi’s fans defended him.  They believe that the male rapper only wrote about the name of a cake and did not intend to mention the girl group Red Velvet.

It is known that Ravi has a close relationship with many SM artists. Previously, there were dating rumors between him and SNSD Taeyeon, but both denied it soon after.

Up to now, the incident is still the talk of the town on many social media platforms.

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