Visual in name- Top beautiful but underrated KPOP Idols: Shadowy, Underestimated and Struggled to gain fame

Jin (BTS)

No one can deny his angelic handsomeness, thus he is honorably given the nickname “Worldwide handsome”. However, besides attractive visual, idols need to have many other abilities or talents to stand out. It seems that the oldest member of BTS is always lack of something, so whenever it comes to Bangtan’s appearance, people often think of V first.
Jin was also not mentioned in the most handsome man in the world in 2017 list, though he is officially the main visual of BTS. Meanwhile, the maknae trio Jimin, V, Jungkook ,who are not in charge of the looks for group, had taken the high rankings.

Shuhua ((G)I- DLE)

“Monster Rookie” of Cube is receiving countless favors from the Korean media. Not only their music and the first hit are highly appreciated, but the appearance of six members is also catching K-net’s eye. On the other hand, which makes K-pop fans surprised is that between tons of praises, the official visual of group- Shuhua was the one who received the most criticism.
It is not because she is not beautiful, but because of her faint and lost beauty among unique members of (G)I-DLE. On or off the stage, even at the fanmeeting, Shuhua kept her “cold smile”. Hope the visual of (G)I- DLE will open her heart and become more friendly in their upcoming comebacks, if she countinues smiling like this, the fans will run out soon… because of boredom.

Junghwa (EXID)

When refering to EXID, people immediately remember the million-view fancam of “New generation sexy queen”- Hani. She is default to be the face of group by many Kpop fans. But that is very unfair for Junghwa, she is the official visual set by the company and member groups.
It can not be said that Junghwa is not as beautiful as Hani, because each person has her own beauty. Nevertheless, when discussing about the luck on the career path, it is clear that EXID maknae is less fortunate than her unnie.

Song (iKON)

The obvious favor and bias that YG spend for B.I makes many people mislead him as the leader and also the visual of iKON. But no, the true iKON visual position belongs to another person.
Song has a student-like and gentle appearance as a prince, but he (official visual of iKON) is one of the faintest members of YG boygroup. Perhaps, since B.I and Bobby are so prominent, it overshadows Song’s saintly look. Or maybe that’s beacause YG has not given him enough opportunities to shine.

Hyejung (AOA)

In a typical “A and her friends” group like AOA, Hyejung’s ignorance despite of her visual position is also understandable. Whether on or off stage, the public always spends their eyes on Seolhyun.
Hyejung’s popularity is not even comparable to the former member ChoA or leader Jimin, despite the fact that the company has strongly supported her and let her “solo” with sub-unit AOA Cream. This is a sorrowful reality, because with her elegant beauty, Hyejung can absolutely go further in her career.

Yujin (CLC)

Cube seems to be quite helpless in promoting their visual. CLC, Pentagon and even the rookie (G)I- DLE have their visual members that are less outstanding than other members in the same group. In the case of CLC, visual Yujin is almost overwhelmed when standing next to the maknae line – Eunbin and Yeeun- the raising girl idols after “Black Dress” promotion.
Many people will probably think that Eunbin and Yeeun are in charge of visual and the look of the group. Because regarding of beauty and appearance, Yujin seems to be not remarakble enough to take the visual role.

Sources: kenh14

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