G-Dragon Addressed All Issues Surrounding Drug Use Allegations, “My Body Is Just Flexible, Not Because Of Drugs”

G-Dragon, who is under investigation for drug use, has taken a head-on response.

On November 13, Yonhap News TV reported its interview with G-Dragon. This is the first time after the incident broke out that the singer conducted an interview with the media.

Regarding the reason for his unusual voluntary attendance, he said, “First of all, I know myself the best. Therefore, I voluntarily attended the investigation to prove my innocence as soon as possible because I did not take drugs, because I had nothing to do with the allegations related to drug crimes.”


When the reporter asked, “What is the relationship between you and the head of the adult entertainment business as well as the doctor who supplied the drugs?” the singer answered, “I have nothing to do with them. I can tell you that.”

The reporter continued, “What is your thought on the article that the doctor said he gave you drugs?” To which, GD answered, “I have nothing to say as it’s his statement, but I’ve never received it, and I don’t know who the doctor is, and I rather want to know.”

When the reporter said, “The head of the entertainment business claimed that a suspicious package was found (after you visited),” G-Dragon stressed, “Her behavior just seems strange, and I wonder if the statement is credible because I heard that she has a drug use record.”

When asked if it was true that he shaved his body hair before attending the first investigation schedule, G-Dragon replied, “The content of the article saying I had full-body hair removal is completely different from the truth, since I have never bleached or dyed my hair for more than a year and a half since last year’s album. The most important thing is that at the time of my voluntary attendance, I voluntarily submitted hair and nails to prove my innocence even though there was no communication or physical search warrant. I keep getting the feeling that the point is off. I don’t know why the misunderstanding is growing, but whether or not I took drugs is the essence. We are proving my innocence and I think it will be proven.”

Regarding the claim that the singer’s excessive body movements and slurred speech are evidence of his drug use, he said, “I have to endure as a celebrity when people judge me, but it’s honestly upsetting to be involved in a drug case because of that.”

“I acted as a child actor at 6, have been in the entertainment industry for 30 years and dancing for a long time, so my body is a little flexible. The way I speak can also be misinterpreted. I became cautious as I became influential. There is also some burden. Still, I speak honestly and with the utmost sincerity.”

Source: Wikitree

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