Kang Daniel sparks controversies over ‘blocking + mocking’ fans who criticized his sexist attitude

Kang Daniel’s remarks comparing “Street Woman Fighter” and “Street Man Fighter” through messages with fans are controversial.

While communicating with fans through the Universe app, Kang Daniel said that he was happy to be the MC for “Street Man Fighter”.

He said, “I’m really close to the male dancers and I also have lots of experience in that scene. That’s why I can be the MC”, adding “To be honest, I feel so comfortable being with the guys. I’m really happy. Because I don’t get discouraged. But I was really scared (during ‘Street Woman Fighter’)”. He continued, “It was scarier when I did ‘Street Woman Fighter’, so I like the current show better. What’s wrong with saying that I got scared? Imagine yourself reading a poem in front of 60 men. It’s scary, right? I used to get nervous in the same way with cue cards. The female dancers also wore bold eyeliner and makeup.”

When some fans complained about Kang Daniel’s remark about getting scared of female casts, Kang Daniel said, “What do you mean I’m having a sexist attitude? I’m at a loss for words. I’ll skip them. Block ppuringppong, bye ppyong! People like them would get mad when they see stand-up comedy shows. Let’s just live comfortably. Life is already tough”, blocking fans who criticized his remarks.

Screenshots of the conversation spread through online communities and netizens poured out criticism for Kang Daniel’s attitude. Pointing out that his behavior was imprudent, they commented, “He got sensitive at people who warned him because they were worried about him, and blocked them”, “Wow, I can’t believe he really blocked fans”, “Poor the fans who got blocked and mocked by him…”, “What’s scary about the leaders of ‘Street Woman Fighter’? You got scared because of their thick eyeliners?”, “I’m sure that they’re real fans because this is a paid chat. All of a sudden?”, “He doesn’t seem to have been educated about gender awareness”, etc. 

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel said in the chat with fans after attending the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards yesterday (July 19th), saying “I got Jung Hae-in’s numbers”. He won Popular Star Award at the event. 

On the afternoon of July 20, Kang Daniel issued an apology letter through his SNS.

Source: daum

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