Korea’s first BL sitcom “Oh! Boarding House”

seezn released Korea’s first BL sitcom “Oh! Boarding House”.

“Oh! Boarding House” is a work full of “cool water scent” about special romantic relationships between five attractive men who gather in a boarding house.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, which was serialized in Bomtoon, “Oh! Boarding House” tells the story of Sul-won, who takes over the boarding house as his mother suddenly goes on vacation, and tenants living together in the boarding house.

Actors such as Shin Yong-seok, Im Sung-kyun, Shin Ki-hwan and Ho Jin joined to add fun to the work. Emotion Studio, Korea’s first BL web drama production company, co-produced “Oh! Boarding House” and is said to have shot BL fans’ taste.

seezn is receiving enthusiastic support from BL contents’ fans by adding “Oh! Boarding House” to the lineup of popular BL contents such as “Blueming” and “Color Rush”.

“Oh! Boarding House” can be accessed for free by anyone who has a seezn pass.

Source: daum

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