Who knows “Woo Young-woo” would be his rival? Jisung’s return is facing a huge wall called Park Eun-bin

Actor Jisung will appear on the Wednesday-Thursday dramas “Adamas” amid the “Woo Young-woo” syndrome. 

While the ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” (hereinafter referred to as “Woo Young-woo”) syndrome is sweeping the small screen, “Trustworthy ActorJisung will step into the competition. Except for “Woo Young-woo,” the results of current Wednesday-Thursday dramas are close to “devastating.” Attention is focusing on whether Jisung, who has been writing an undefeated rating legend, will be able to showcase his presence against “Woo Young-woo,” and the fate of tvN’s “Adamas,” which has to go against an unexpected strong opponent. 

extraordinary attorney woo

“Woo Young-woo,” which contains the survival story at a large law firm of a new lawyer with a genius brain and autism spectrum, has seen a 10-fold rise in its rating, reaching No. 1 among non-English speaking series on Netflix. The series has even received a proposal for a remake in the U.S. in just two weeks. 

Above all, the show ratings are on a steep rise. Starting with a 0.9% viewer rating in the first episode (based on Nielsen Korea), it recorded 9.6% in the sixth episode, overcoming the limitations of the ENA channel, which is less accessible, and becoming the highest rating among mini-series including terrestrial dramas. 

extraordinary attorney woo

“Woo Young-woo” also swept the hot topic charts. Kang Tae-oh and Park Eun-bin ranked 1st and 2nd in the second week of July, followed by Ha Yoon-kyung in 4th place, Kang Ki-young in 7th and Joo Jong-hyuk in 8th place. 

The popularity of content related to “Woo Young-woo” is also scorchingly hot. Thanks to numerous requests, the production company will release a script book soon, and as many as 23,000 people flocked to its Illustration MD product event, which was distributed free of charge to the first 100 people. Woo Young-woo Gimbap House and Seongsu-dong Whale Mural House have become the new “SNS Check-in Hot Spot,” while famous celebrities such as Yoon-ah, Kim Hye-soo, RM, and Jung Yu-mi have also attracted attention by certifying that they have caught the “Woo Young-woo” syndrome.

Kang Tae Oh

This is the result of writer Moon Ji-won’s delicate writing skills of a person with autism spectrum, the directing that creates warmth with subtle details, and the cast’s acting as if they were one with the characters.

The dramas broadcast on Wednesday and Thursday have not been able to keep up with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. KBS’s “Jinx At First” maintained its ratings at around 4%, but after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” aired, it dropped to 2%. The ratings of “Eve”, which marked Seo Ye-ji’s comeback and “Insider” led by Kang Ha-neul, are also standing still without breaking out of the 3% range.


While “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“ is dominating, Ji Sung is set to return to the small screen after a year through “Adamas”, which will be broadcast after “Eve”. “Adamas”, which will premiere on July 27th, is about twin brothers and their journey to look for the real culprit to prove the innocence of their father, who was framed for murdering their stepfather. They need to search for Adamas, the evidence of murder.  


In the drama, Ji Sung plays a dual role, the bestselling mystery novel writer Ha Woo-shin and the Central District’s special forces prosecutor Song Soo-hyun, who have identical appearance, but opposite approaches in what they do. In 2015, Ji Sung excellently portrayed a character with 7 personalities in “Kill Me, Heal Me” and won Daesang at the MBC Drama Awards. Therefore, expectations for his acting in two roles are high.


Although it is not a competition in the same time period, Ji Sung’s “Adamas” and Park Eun-bin “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” are expected to compete for the crown of the No.1 Wed-Thu drama. Attention is drawn to whether Ji Sung and “Adamas” will be able to overcome the “Woo Young-woo” craze and what more records Park Eun-bin will write with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” in the coming episodes. 

Source: daum

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