The 6th episode of “Insider”, which showed Kang Ha-neul becoming the No.1 in Seongju Prison, recorded a viewer rating of 3.4%

Kang Ha-neul became the No.1 leader of Seongju Prison in the latest episode of “Insider”.

In the sixth episode of JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Insider”, which aired on June 23rd, Kim Yo-han (Kang Ha-neul) was seen climbing to the top from the abyss. According to data provided by Nielsen Korea, this episode recorded a rating of 3.1% in the Seoul metropolitan area and 3.4% nationwide.

In the broadcast, Kim Yo-han managed to escape from the crisis as Jang Sun-oh (Kang Young-seok) was pointed out to be a team play partner, and began his intensive training to face Yang Jun (Heo Dong-won). However, Kim Yo-han was only the bait to distract the opponents’ attention for Jang Sun-oh to succeed in getting Yang Jun out of Seongju Prison. Kim Yo-han, who was left alone after Jang Sun-oh was released from prison, recruited Noh Seung-hwan (Choi Dae-hoon) and began to lead Seongju Prison. He confidently wore his own clothes and came out of Seongju Prison’s main gate, raising the viewers’ expectations for unpredictable developments.


Kim Yo-han survived the crisis with the help of Jang Sun-oh, but there were conditions. Jang Sun-oh demanded a 2:2 match and it was Kim Yo-han who chose him as the partner. The two entered special training for confrontation. The content of the training was card manipulation skills. While Jang Sun-oh was already used to using various hand techniques, Kim Yo-han did not even have basic skills. When the two practiced together, Kim Yo-han was able to hear about the past of Jang Sun-oh naturally. The relationship between Yang Jun and Jang Sun-oh actually began a decade ago. At that time, Jang Sun-oh and Yang Jun swept the field of gambling with their salty play. However, Jang Sun-oh hit the back of Yang Jun’s head and demanded independence. The two eventually split. 


Soon, the first round of Yang Jun becoming a dealer began. Jang Sun-oh didn’t stop playing the game, even though Kim Yo-han was detected. The game lasted all night. When he became a dealer again after a few turns, Kim Yo-han sensed that it was time to fool his opponent. He carefully attempted to manipulate the cards right in the eyes of Yang Jun and his henchman Jin Soo-min. Their breathtaking confrontation continued. Jin Soo-min reluctantly followed Jang Sun-oh’s words.


Jang Sun-oh, who knew that Jin Soo-min, not Yang Jun, would cheat in the first place, had brought Kim Yo-han as a bait to attract Yang Jun’s attention. Kim Yo-han and Jang Sun-oh were the only two after everyone was released. A month later, Jang Sun-oh was released from prison. This mean the move to take over the vacant “leader” position also began. Jang Sun-oh chose Kim Yo-han but Noh Seung-hwan strongly protested. Kim Yo-han asked Noh Seung-hwan why he suspected him from the beginning, and Noh Seung-hwan said, “Your eyes. Your eyes are not the eyes of a guilty person. What are you actually hiding?”. Kim Yo-han determined, “If I tell you all the secrets and truths, will you accept me then?”. Noh Seung-hwan eventually knew the true identity of Kim Yo-han. In the midst of all the previous battles, Noh Seung-hwan kneeled down to Kim Yo-han, and Kim Yo-han, who finally became the No.1 in Seongju Prison, created a thrilling catharsis.


Kim Yo-han’s move became bolder. Kim Yo-han continued to cooperate with Oh Soo-yeon (Lee Yoo-young) to uncover the plot behind Shin Dal-soo’s death. What they were looking for was a boy named Woo Min-ho (Kim Min-seung). Kwon Dae-il (Jung Hwi-wook), a lieutenant who was investigating Shin Dal-soo’s death, assumed that Oh Soo-yeon was a witness. The boy’s track record, which could not be solved even by mobilizing Oh Soo-yeon’s powerful manpower, appeared in an unexpected place. However, greater power was needed to find out why the boy’s family, who had lived in Hong Kong for a long time, suddenly entered the country. Following the declaration, Kim Yo-han proudly leaving the main gate of Seongju Prison in his own clothes, arousing the viewers’ curiosity about his change.


Meanwhile, “Insider” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

Source: Daum

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