Kim Se Jeong opens a new chapter, unveils contrasting images of herself 

Known for her versatile talent as an actor and singer, Kim Se Jeong opens a new chapter to showcase her hidden charms.

Kim Se Jeong is one of the representative all-rounder entertainers who seamlessly transition between singing and acting. After her experiences with girl groups I.O.I and Gugudan, she revealed various facets as an actress through works like “School 2017”, “The Uncanny Counter”, “Business Proposal”, and “Today’s Webtoon.” Currently, Se Jeong is shining in the role of Do Ha Na in the tvN drama “The Uncanny Counter 2”, where she exudes intense “girl crush charms”.

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The previous season of “The Uncanny Counter”, which aired from November 2020, achieved record-breaking viewership on OCN. At the time, Kim Se Jeong’s leading role garnered praise not only for her emotional acting but also for her intense action scenes. Building on the popularity of the first season, she once again dons the signature red tracksuit of counters and  defeats evil spirits with a powerful charisma.

Meanwhile, Kim Se Jeong is also returning as a singer. After approximately 2 years and 5 months, she is finally making a comeback to her original profession.

In particular, Kim Se Jeong’s first appearance was on the Mnet audition program “Produce 101”, where she captivated “national producers” with her charming vocals and appearance. Having consistently ranked high throughout the show, Kim Se Jeong ended up placing 2nd in the finale and debuting as a member of project girl group I.O.I. She also debuted in the girl group Gugudan alongside I.O.I activities, and engaged in various activities as a solo artist as well.

Through songs like “Flower Way” and “Plant,” Kim Se Jeong conveyed comfort to her listeners. “Flower Way” immediately topped various music charts upon its release, and “Plant” achieved 1st place on music shows, solidifying Se Jeong’s position as a solo singer. Even after Gugudan and I.O.I’s disbandment, the female idol continued to release solo albums and participated in songwriting and composition, showcasing her unique musical color as a singer-songwriter.

On September 4th, Kim Se Jeong will release her first full-length album, “Door”, marking a new transformation for her. In the two official photos released for “Door”, the idol-actress captivated attention with a completely different image, revealing another aspect of herself.

In the first official photo, Kim Se Jeong showcased a soft visual with long wavy hair and clear eyes, styled with a white sleeve for a pure feeling. In contrast, the second official photo portrayed her with red lips, disheveled hair, and a black dress, exuding a deadly and enchanting vibe.

kim sejeong

Seeing these completely different atmospheres brought about by Kim Se Jeong, fans hold their expectations high. Regarding them, Kim Se Jeong also said through her agency, “As it’s my comeback after a long time and my first full-length album, I’ve put a lot of effort into planning two different concepts. Through this album, I plan to showcase various charms that I haven’t shown before.” As a result, curiosity is higher than ever about the new image she will present.

Furthermore, on September 23rd, Kim Se Jeong will hold her first solo concert since her debut. Starting in Seoul on the 23rd and 24th of the next month, she will meet fans in Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Melbourne, and Sydney, a total of 11 cities in 10 countries, for a global tour. With her first solo concert marking the start, fans can experience the power and capabilities of singer Kim Se Jeong as she embarks on a global tour.

Having solidified her place as an actor and a singer, the versatile Kim Se Jeong is expected to reveal even more diverse charms with her full-length album release. 

Source: Daum

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