“Killing you is not difficult at all,” Yang Hyun-suk’s shocking threat to the informant in B.I’s drug case

The informant of “B.I’s drug case” stood in front of the court to testify.

A court testimony came out that Yang Hyun-suk, the former CEO of YG Entertainment, demanded the informant to overturn her statement by threatening “Killing you is not that difficult” in order to dissuade her from pushing B.I (Kim Han-bin), a former member of the idol group iKON, into drug allegations.

A, a former idol trainee, testified as a witness at the trial of Yang held at the hearing of the 23rd Criminal Settlement Section (Chief Judge Cho Byeong-gu) of the Seoul Central District Court on April 18th.

Yang hyun suk

When the prosecutor asked, “Is it true that the defendant Yang Hyun-suk said to the witness, ‘I am a person who can see all the statements of evidence. You still need to be in the entertainment industry right, but killing someone like you is not that difficult to me?’” A replied “Yes”. Yang is charged with convincing and threatening A to stop the investigation related to B.I’s drug purchase when A was arrested on drug charges and was under police investigation.

Yang hyun suk

A testified that in August 2016, she met with former CEO Yang at the YG office and had a two-hour interview, during which she had received threats and words of conciliation. She is the same person who reported the incident to the media. Also, explaining the situation at the time, A said, “I thought I would die if I didn’t listen to him (former CEO Yang). I was scared because he threatened me too much, and he didn’t seem like the person I knew before.”

Yang hyun suk

While former CEO Yang acknowledged that he had met A, he insisted on his innocence, saying that he did not coerce or threaten anyone to make false statements.

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