TWICE Jihyo recalls the past “My mom cried because I was so ugly”

TWICE Jihyo revealed her daily life with her family and talked about the past.

On Sep 6th, a video titled “JIHYO Album-log ‘Zyo’s Zone.Zip’ EP.03” was uploaded on TWICE’s YouTube channel.

Jihyo looked back on her past album with her parents and talked about the memories. She reflected on her newborn self and exclaimed, “Oh my…

TWICE Jihyo recalls the past

When Jihyo asked “When you saw me right after I was born, what did you say?“, her father and mother respectively recalled, “She is so ugly” and “I thought all babies were born cute, and I was so shocked because you looked so weird.” Jihyo explained, “My mom said she cried because I was so ugly. I was sick right after I was born. They shaved my head and I was in an incubator.”

TWICE Jihyo recalls the past

Jihyo’s mother shared, “When you were in the hospital, I literally cried every night. I wanted to hold you so badly. You were in there for like a week. They didn’t let me see you for four days. And when I saw you, your face changed so much. All the swelling was gone. The nurse told me that she’s been working for more than 10 years and you were the prettiest baby she’s ever seen.”

Jihyo reminisced about her trainee days by looking at the diary. Her mother confessed, “We all thought you were going to debut fast. You entered the company as an actor, so we didn’t think you’d be training for 10 years.”

TWICE Jihyo recalls the past

Her mother explained how she became a TWICE member, “You were going to be an actor, but when you were in 7th grade, PD J. Y. Park saw you singing. He heard your voice and we renewed the contract as a singer.

Jihyo said, “I was training for so long and I’ve had it at that point. I didn’t even think that hard about it. I was just sick of everything. I didn’t think I would ever debut. So I just wanted to get away. I was stressed at home, and I was also stressed at work. So I wanted to go somewhere where nothing could bother me. I think that’s why I went all the way to aunt’s house. I don’t even know how I got there. It was so far.”

TWICE Jihyo recalls the past

Referring to TWICE’s audition program “Sixteen”, Jihyo confessed, “At first, the company asked us who were about to debut whether we wanted to be on ‘Sixteen’ or not. I really didn’t wanna do it.”

Her mother said, “We all hoped Jihyo looked her best on TV.” Jihyo agreed, “I gained a lot of weight at that time.” Her mother added, “A lot of viewers said a lot of harsh things about you. But you got over everything. And look where you are now.

Source: Nate

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