Girls’ Generation’s Yoona returns in “Big Mouth” with hopes of creating her new mark in the drama scene

Yoona is proving her acting abilities beyond her idol background. Recent comeback attempts to balance her successes between drama-acting and movie-acting. 

2017: “Confidential Assignment” and “The King In Love”

yoona hyun bin

At the age of 27, Yoona first tried acting with a supporting role in the feature film “Confidential Assignment”. Despite her lack of screentime, her natural comedic talent, quirk and charm shone through, gaining positive reception beyond expectation. Her funny interaction with Hyun Bin also eased the tension in “Confidential Assignment”. Her talent was also partially recognized when she was nominated “Best New Actress” in all three awards under the Korean Grand Slam system and even a nomination at the “Asian Film Award” afterwards. 

yoona hyun bin

Also in 2017, Yoona co-stared Im Si Wan in MBC’s period drama “The King In Love”. Promising a premise as it was, the series could not maintain its heat to the end. 

The highest rating “The King In Love” could reach was 8.6% and it was not the most memorable work in Yoona’s career. What left an impression on the audiences’ minds were her stunning beauty and close relationships between the co-stars. 

Yoona-Im Si Wan-The King in Love

From 2019 to 2020: “Exit” and “Hush” 

After a 2018 without any new movies or series, in 2019, Yoona made a powerful return to the box-office success “Exit”, co-starring Jo Jung Suk. This highly admirable success was evident of how this 1990-born actress was fated to do feature-length films rather than serial dramas. More than 9.4 million tickets sold and 69.5 million USD in revenue was an impressive commercial achievement the series could get. 

snsd yoona exit and hush

Thanks to “Exit”, Yoona was the first idol actress to be nominated for “Best Actress” at “Blue Dragon Film Awards”. She was also nominated “Best Actress” at “Chunsa Film Art Awards” and won “Best New Actress” at the “Women In Film Korea Festival 2019”. What Yoona was able to accomplish with “Exit” proved her capability and relentless effort in the filming scene in Korea.    

It was not until 2020 that this actress returned to acting with jTBC’s drama series “Hush”. She got the chance to work with “Best Actor” Hwang Jung Min and challenged herself with a reporter role in the series. 

snsd yoona exit and hush

Because the series was not strongly promoted and the storyline was not appealing to the taste of the public, the highest rating “Hush” could reach was 3.384%. However, her fans were satisfied with this comeback, stating that at least her idol was ready to challenge herself and have new learning opportunities from such a prominent star as Hwang Jung Min. 

2021: “Miracle: Letters To The President”


A special attribute Yoona has is her willingness to challenge herself with various genres and contents. She does not focus solely on commercial scripts with high viral potential. 

Miracle: Letters To The President, released in 2021, was not an entertainment project that could easily gain major revenue like Yoona’s previous movies. For this movie, Yoona once again challenged herself by attempting to learn and speak a local dialect or learning acting experiences from her talented co-stars such as Park Jung Min and Lee Sung Min. 


Impressive achievements found their way to Yoona in the enjoyment of her fans. The 1990-born star was nominated for not one, but two “Best Actress” Awards at the “Blue Dragon Film Awards” and “Baeksang Arts Awards”. 

Despite a medium successful, lightweight role to actually win the awards, these were still one-of-a-kind achievements that not many idol-turned-actors as Yoona could have. 

2022: “Big Mouth” 

In early 2022, Yoona appeared on the big screen with a stellar movie named “A Year End Medley”. This is a commercial movie with a lot of famous names, each of which has a distinct story behind them. As it was a movie with a stellar cast, this perhaps was not a central work for the actress similar to those from “Exit” and “Miracle: Letters To The President”. 

yoona big mouth

Her main film work in 2022 for Yoona is the MBC’s “Big Mouth” where she collaborates with the famous heartthrob actor Lee Jong Suk.

With her television career being outweighed by her movie career in the past several years, “Big Mouth” may be Yoona’s new presence in the small screen, balancing the success in both filming scenes.  

big mouth

Working with such a well loved male actor as Lee Jong Suk is also an interesting plan to boost both of their plans for a good commercial success according to expectation. 

“Big Mouth” is also having a strong start when the series climbed in the top 6 central broadcasting stations’ series with highest opening rating in 2022 up to this point. However, a great start does not guarantee a smooth sailing ending, as in the case of drama series “Tomorrow”, another MBC series this year or precisely Yoona’ past movie project “The King In Love”. 

big mouth

Apart from Yoona and Lee Jung Suk’s fame and recognition, the series’ quality is also ensured by talented director and writer and their previous well-received works. Hence, the series is getting trust and positive feedback from the public, hoping for another grand success for the actors of the series. 

The series is airing every Friday and Saturday on MBC. 

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