“Twenty Five Twenty One” Kim Tae Ri addressed the Minor-Adult love line controversy between the main characters 

Kim Tae Ri expressed her thoughts on the controversial love line between a minor and an adult in “Twenty Five Twenty One”.

Kim Tae Ri recently had an online video interview with My Daily. On April 3rd, tvN’s weekend drama “Twenty Five Twenty One” aired its final episode, sparking many discussions among viewers. 

“Twenty Five Twenty One” depicts the story of young people who have their dreams taken away in the aftermath of the 1998 financial crisis. Screenwriter Kwon Do Eun, who has been recognized for her emotional writing skills through “Search: WWW”, and director Jung Ji Hyun who showed sophisticated directing through “Search: WWW”, “The King: Eternal Monarch” and “You Are My Spring”, worked together on “Twenty Five Twenty One”.

Kim Tae-ri

In the drama, Kim Tae Ri plays Na Hee Do, a passionate and enthusiastic fencer. Due to the IMF, her highschool fencing team was disbanded. Na Hee Do is a young person overflowing with boiling energy who does not give up on her dreams and keeps running forwards even when she falls and feels frustrated.

In the interview, Kim Tae Ri talked about the ending of “Twenty Five Twenty One”, “The first thing that comes to my mind is ‘How come time goes by so quickly?’ I filmed 16 episodes for about seven months, and I couldn’t imagine it would end so soon. I’m amazed at the love we get from so many people. I think I’ve been receiving so much love because the viewers have been eagerly waiting like this every week for the drama.”

Kim Tae-ri

She added, “I think part of the reason is that the audiences had a craving for a lively and youthful drama amidst the situation at that time of the year. Despite being aired when the weather was cold, the drama began with the green and bright summer vibe. They seem to have enjoyed the healing feeling coming from that part of the drama as well as the lively characters. I also had so much fun with it”, pointing out the reason behind the drama’s popularity.

While “Twenty Five Twenty One” was enjoying the explosive love from the viewers, controversies over the minor-adult romantic relationship also broke out. Regarding this, Kim Tae Ri emphasized, “This is one of the parts that the writer, director and actors discussed and shared a lot of ideas. I thought a lot about how to express it and was also worried a lot. However, there were still people who looked at me in that way. But I actually acted with much consideration”.

Kim Tae-ri
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