Nam Joo-hyuk and Kim Tae-ri’s loveline in “Twenty-five Twenty-one” is criticized for encouraging adult-minor romance

“Twenty-five Twenty-one” is receiving criticism for encouraging romantic relationships between minors and adults.

Twenty five twenty one

The recent episode of tvN’s drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one” showed 23-year-old Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) confessing to 19-year-old girl Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri).

In response to Na Hee-do, who wants to define her relationship with Baek Yi-jin, Baek Yi-jin confessed, “Love. It’s love. I’m in love with you Na Hee-do”

Earlier, Na Hee-do conveyed her sincere feelings for Baek Yi-jin although she was a bit clumsy in putting her heart into words. Na Hee-do said, “Because of you, I’m so confused. I’m jealous of you. No, I like you. But I have an inferiority complex toward you. What does that sound like to you? You don’t know, do you?”.

Twenty five twenty one

The two, who got to know about their feelings for each other through confessions, are not yet dating but have already shown such an exciting pink mood of love.

In the broadcast on March 13th, Baek Yi-jin whispered to Na Hee-do at an angle that made the scene look similar to a kiss, fluttering the hearts of all viewers.

However, some people raised negative opinions about this loveline. They believe the story of a 23-year-old adult and a high school student flirting with each other might have a bad effect on minors.

Twenty five twenty one

Internet users commented, “The image of a man in a suit and a girl in a school uniform makes me feel uncomfortable”, “This may create a fantasy for minors”, “In real life, if you flirt with someone like how Nam Joo-hyuk does in the drama, you’ll be in trouble”, etc.

On the other hand, many viewers responded, saying that there was no reason to make it a controversy. They said, “They don’t have excessive skinship scenes. Just watch a drama as a drama itself”, “It is because Kim Tae-ri will have a connection with Nam Joo-hyuk when she grows up based on the setting”, etc. 

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