tvN blurred out Kim Seon-ho’s face in “Hong Jin Kyung’s Movie Fan Life”

Actor Kim Seon-ho, who apologized for the controversy over his private life, appeared blurred on a tvN program.

In the Oct 22nd episode of the tvN entertainment program “Hong Jin Kyung’s Movie Fan Life”, a comparison and analysis of the film “The Founder” and the drama “Start-Up” was shown under the theme “If you want to be successful, then be different”. Starring Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho and Kang Han-na, “Start-Up” depicts the beginning and growth of young people who dream of becoming the most successful start-up business in the Korean silicon valley. 

During “Hong Jin Kyung’s Movie Fan Life”, there were scenes in which Suzy, Nam Joo-hyuk and other cast members appeared in this drama. In the scenes where Han Ji-pyeong (played by Kim Seon-ho) appeared, his face was blurred out. However, his child actor appeared without being edited.

Kim Seon-ho had received much attention through “Start-Up” as the character Han Ji-pyeong infected viewers with “second lead syndrome”, but it seems that tvN decided to cover his face due to ongoing revelations related to his personal life. 

Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho‘s privacy issues were recently exposed by his ex-girlfriend. The debunker claimed, “Trending actor K made me pregnant on the pretext of marriage, but he urged me to have an abortion while using the advertisement penalty as an excuse.” Although the actor’s name was not directly mentioned, it was revealed that he was actor K through a number of clues. 

In response, Kim Seon-ho admitted and apologized through an official statement, “I met that person with good feelings. In the process, I hurt her with my carelessness and inconsiderate behaviors.”

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