V longs for group activities with BTS? Experiences in “Seojin’s” is beautiful

V, a member of BTS, expresses his longing for group activities and his thoughts on the experiences in “Seojin’s” (Jinny’s Kitchen)

On March 29th, fashion magazine Elle Korea posted a video titled “Full of TAETAE moments breaking out of V, BTS V’s emoji interview” on their official YouTube channel. 


In the video, when asked to select the emojis for V vs Kim Tae Hyung, V chose a tiger and a teddy bear, respectively. Regarding the tiger, he explained, “This V-emoji implies… That I should look powerful on a stage. That I want to look a bit cooler. And that I try to look cool.” 

He then held up the bear emoji and described, “This is just Kim Tae-hyung. He looks slow in action”, adding, “Many ARMYs have pointed out that both of these two look like me… And asked which one I prefer. Since V is my persona, I’m still more into V.”

Afterwards, V, who is currently an “intern” on the tvN entertainment show “Seojin’s” (also known as Jinny’s Kitchen”, chose a screaming emoji, a sparkling expression emoji, and a melting face emoji in sequence.


The male idol recalled, “After Seo-jin’s morning lecture or pep talks… Our days begin as assigned. These are the things I felt throughout. It was tough at the moment, but once it’s gone…It turned out not really that hard. The past becomes beautiful in retrospect. It was fun after all.”

Finally, when asked to describe BTS in 2023 with emojis, V selected a purple heart and a purple face emoji.

“This expression has been popular among ARMYs. It’s ‘Borahae’ (I purple you). ARMYs and the members are all waiting with a burning purple heart. There’s no group schedule recently”, he said, expressing his longing for a complete BTS and adding, “I’m just waiting for working as a group again.”

Meanwhile, V is appearing on tvN’s entertainment program “Seojin’s”, where he work alongside with Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik.

Source: Daum

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