Kim Woo Bin surprised the audience with his brand new appearance in the new set of photos

Recently, Vogue magazine has published new photos of actor Kim Woo Bin.  Immediately, fans were surprised by the actor’s new healthy and masculine look. 

 Although it is only black and white images, fans can still easily recognize the spectacular transformation of Kim Woo Bin.

The Heirs actor has gradually regained his excellent appearance as before. His body is also healthier. In his previous appearance, he was thin and losing weight due to cancer.  Simple dress, but Kim Woo Bin still quickly shows his masculine charm.  Seeing Kim Woo Bin’s new look, people are even more looking forward to his upcoming movie project called Alien.

Kim Woo Bin also talks about his dream growing up, current goals, and more. “Until I was in middle school, I had always wanted to become a strong adult in every way. I wanted to be a ‘powerful man’ who had good strength, a large build, and was great at working. But now, I just want to become a good person.” – He said.

Kim Woo Bin also expressed his current wish and goal, which is to love himself: “It’s not easy to do, so I always remind myself every day. I didn’t really take care of myself for a while. I took care of others, but I was especially harsh and unkind to my own self. Now, I’m working on loving and understanding who I am.”

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