Current situation of the famous actress who was named in “Top 5 Gangnam ulzzangs” thanks to her beauty during school days

Updates on “CF queen” Jun Ji Hyun were reported after such a long time. 

Jun Ji Hyun showed off her outstanding beauty in a CF video and photoshoot released by the brand she’s modeling for. 

jun ji hyun

In the released video, Jun Ji Hyun styled her hair to perfectly match her red outfit and created a romantic mood. She flaunted her ageless visual and lively charm when humming the Christmas carol.

jun ji hyun

The actress recently moved to Ieum Hashtag established by the CEO of her former agency. After finishing tvN’s drama “Jirisan”, which ended at the end of last year, Jun Ji Hyun is taking a break while reviewing her next work. 

As Jun Ji Hyun revealed her recent status after a long time, fans are bringing up some stories about her debut days. 

Jun Ji-hyun
Jun Ji-hyun

Jun Ji Hyun made hot topics even before her debut with her outstanding appearance. When Jun Ji Hyun was in middle school, she was even named in “Top 5 Gangnam ulzzangs”. (“Ulzzang” refers to someone who is very handsome or pretty).

In fact, Jun Ji Hyun was not only pretty but also passionate in everything she did. Ok Joo Hyun, a senior at the same school, shared, “I once taught Jun Ji Hyun how to sing in a choir, and she practiced so hard. I realized that she’s the type of person who goes until the end with everything she does”.

According to Ok Joo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun ranked 2nd in a choir competition thanks to her great efforts. 

Jun Ji-hyun

When Jun Ji Hyun was in the 3rd grade of middle school, she followed a friend, who was working as a model at that time, and got cast as the cover model for the fashion magazine ‘École’. Shortly after then, she made her debut in the entertainment industry.

Jun Ji Hyun caught the attention of Sidus CEO Jung Hoon Tak and received special acting training for a year. Later, she appeared in several advertisements. 

Noticing Jun Ji Hyun when she was working as an advertising model, PD Oh Jong Rok cast her in the 1998 drama “Fascinate My Heart”. She made her drama debut through this work and began her acting career under the stage name ‘Jun Ji Hyun’.

Jun Ji-hyun

In the same year, Jun Ji Hyun made headlines when she was selected as an MC for SBS’s “Inkigayo”. 

In 1999, Jun Ji Hyun made a successful movie debut with “White Valentine” and emerged as a rising star. Around the same time, she appeared in a commercial for Samsung My Jet Printer and impressed the public with her techno dance.

Jun Ji-hyun

After starring in several hit works, Jun Ji Hyun became a top actress. Some of her representative movies and dramas are “My Sassy Girl”, “The Thieves”, “Assassination”, “My Love from the Star”, “The Legend of the Blue Sea”, and Netflix’s series “Kingdom 2”.

Source: Daum

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