Controversy broke out when Jackson Wang was forced to be a horse for Vin Zhang on a recent variety show

The show ‘Go fridge’ just aired in the 3rd episode has caused controversy regarding Jackson Wang, Vin Zhang, and MC He Jiong.

Today, a fierce controversy broke out on social networking platforms regarding two extremely hot characters of the Chinese entertainment industry, Jackson Wang and MC He Jiong. As the two hosts of the hit TV show ‘Go fridge’, the two stars and the crew are under great pressure because a part of the game is considered offensive.

Initially, the team prepared some props for the players to use to coax the opponent.  As the leader of his team, Jackson accepted the challenge of putting a horse-head hat over his head and kneeling on the ground.  Then Vin Zhang suddenly climbed on Jackson’s back, shouting “Let’s go, let’s go”.  Notably, there was a moment when the actor threw the cloth forward, asking Jackson Wang to crawl to find it.  Because he wore that hat and couldn’t see anything, Jackson struggled for a long time to see this cloth.

Notably, everyone on the show laughed at this situation.  MC He Jiong also showed his interest and laughed out loud. 

However, after episode 3 was broadcast, on social networks, Chinese netizens argued fiercely.  Many people think that the game that the crew offers is like deliberately degrading and smearing the image of the artists.  This is considered offensive behavior, insulting the characters participating in the show. Besides, the attitude of He Jiong also shows that he is not subtle when participating in such a controversial game.

However, there are still people who defended the ‘Go fridge’ team, claiming that it was Jackson Wang who suggested playing this horse riding game.  The show thought it was a segment that could increase efficiency and bring laughter to the show, but it turned out to be a double-edged sword. 

Currently, Jackson Wang’s fandom has issued a notice saying that this show has seriously damaged the artist’s image, hurt the feelings of fans and viewers, and asked the ‘Go fridge’ team to immediately remove or re-edit episode 3.

Source: K14

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