Foreign media outlets pour out favorable reviews for LE SSEARFIM’s comeback, “One of the most powerful rookies in K-pop”

Girl group LE SSERAFIM is receiving compliments and explosive reactions from overseas media with their new album.

LE SSERAFIM released their new mini album “ANTIFRAGILE” on October 17th. The news has been highlighted by leading media outlets in various countries, including the U.S, the U.K and Japan.

First, American music magazine Rolling Stone reported LE SSERAFIM’s comeback in an article with the title “LE SSERAFIM, the spectacular comeback of a rookie”. The article focuses on the “Muscat” point choreography of the new song as well as the members’ teamwork and chemistry. 

Le Sserafim antifragile

U.S magazine Teen Vogue said, “LE SSERAFIM proves their status as one of the most powerful rookies in K-pop”, adding “This album marks a new phase of growth for the members as musicians”.

British music magazine NME gave a high score for LE SSERAFIM’s new album “ANTIFRAGILE” and also introduced all the new songs in detail.


NME said, “To be ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ is to not only endure but thrive in the face of adversity”, adding “And if there’s one rookie act that has exemplified that, it’s LE SSERAFIM”.

They continued, “Showcasing the best of LE SSERAFIM’s abilities while remaining faithful to their core value of fearlessly forging ahead in all they do, ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ hints at even brighter days to come for the group”.

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LE SSEARFIM is causing a sensation and boosting their hot popularity. The group dominated No.1 on Japan Oricon Daily Album Ranking (as of Oct 17th) with “ANTIFRAGILE”. They remain at a high spot on the Weekly Album Ranking (until Oct 31st).


In response to LE SSERAFIM’s achievements, Japanese media Oricon News, K-Style, Spice, and Model Press immediately put LE SSERAFIM in the headlines of their news. This has certified the girl group’s solid popularity in Japan. 

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